Jade Lotus Tantra is a global initiative to bring together all facets of Tantra and make it accessible to the Average person.

Jade Lotus Tantra aims to combine the external power of the cosmic forces to the internal energy of every human being  that suits their own individual capabilities, requirements and recommendations.

Jade Lotus Tantra does not have any boundaries, and does not follow any Guru, cult, following, or establishment.

Jade Lotus Tantra is a simple, readily available method of sexual enhancement, spiritual development, and the ability to progress into arenas of sexual ecstasy without judgment, pressure or politics.

We work together in combining all facets of Tantra, whether it is historical, philosophical, spiritual, yogic, mental, physical, sacred or sexual and have this ready for the general global community to understand and adopt into their every day lives. We have already had thousands benefit from Jade Lotus Tantra in varying ways.

Jade Lotus Tantra is also working to bringing Tantra into the professional sphere. Whereby psychologists, doctors, psychotherapists, counselors and educators can access the knowledge within Tantra and pass this knowledge onto their clients and students.

Together with the Global Intimacy Clinic, Jade Lotus Tantra is aiming at having Tantra accessible in all areas of life, not just the sexual, with the development of new forms of Therapy, Healing, Teaching, Art, Dance, Massage, Spiritual development, Awakenings, and even Academia.

Jade Lotus Tantra is a member of IASECT.

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